Spring 2020 CMSE 890-002

Basic Information

  • Course: Mathematics of Deep Learning
  • Lecture: MWF, 1:50pm – 2:40pm, Engineering Building 1234
  • Office hours: MTWR, 4:00pm – 5:00pm, Engineering Building 2507F
  • Syllabus


  • [Jan 17] No class on Monday, January 20 for Martin Luther King Jr. Day!
  • [Jan 15] Lecture 03 posted! It has the complete notes on functional models that we did not finish in class.
  • [Jan 15] Small updates to lecture 02 notes. If you’re “???” in footnote 2, let me know!
  • [Jan 13] Lecture 01 notes and slides posted.
  • [Jan 13] Seminars of interest for report topics posted below!
  • [Jan 3] Class will start Friday, January 10. There are no lectures on January 6 and 8!

Lecture Notes

Seminars of Interest

Deep Learning/Machine Learning Seminars

All deep learning seminars are at 10:00am and in the CMSE conference room (1502/1503 EB). There will also be Zoom for live remote viewing (stay tuned for the link).

CMSE Colloquium

The CMSE colloquium will start February 24, and will be held every Monday at 4:00pm in the CMSE conference room (1502/1503 EB). Not every talk will be on deep learning, but some may be! The schedule is here.